RED Funnel has suspended its Red Jet service this morning (Monday). 

The service is suspended until further notice due to adverse weather. 

An update is expected at 10am. 

UPDATE: The Red Jet service will return to timetable from the 9.45am sailing from Southampton, and 10.15am sailing from Cowes. 

UPDATE: Red Funnel's Red Jet will be operating a one-boat service for the remainder of the day due to a technical issue. 

The Red Jet will depart from Southampton at 45 minutes past the hour, and from Cowes at 15 minutes past the hour. 

UPDATE: Red Funnel tweeted: 

UPDATE: The Red Jet 1.45pm sailing from Southampton, and the 2.15pm sailing from Cowes, have been cancelled due to earlier delays caused by adverse weather. 

UPDATE: The Red Funnel vehicle ferry has been delayed by 10 to 20 minutes due to previous weather related delays.