RED Funnel has suspended its Red Jet sailings until further notice this evening (Friday) — and a number of its vehicle ferry sailings have been delayed.

The Red Jet sailings have been suspended due to a technical issue.

A Red Funnel car ferry was called back to Southampton to collect passengers after the Red Jet had broken down.

One Islander returning home on the car ferry said it was 25 minutes into its sailing when it turned back.

At 6.54pm, Red Funnel tweeted: "The 7.30pm vehicle ferry sailing from Southampton, and the 9pm from Cowes have been delayed by 30-45 minutes due to the ferry returning to collect Red Jet passengers.

"We apologise for any inconvenience to your journey." 

Earlier today, Red Jet sailings had been suspended when both active Red Jet vessels suffered separate technical issues.

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UPDATE: The 10.30pm vehicle ferry sailing from Southampton, and the 11.55pm from Cowes have been delayed by 15-30 minutes.