It's Valentine's Day and lovers just love to plan a romantic break.

Barrhead Travel, the new travel agent in Newport, has revealed its most popular destinations for a romantic getaway.

According to the travel company, the most popular choice of holiday destination for Isle of Wight couples this year is Cyprus, closely followed by Fuerteventura and Paris with Dubai and Majorca taking fourth and fifth place respectively.

The destinations, based on data from the agency’s bookings so far for 2020, demonstrate a love affair with sunshine and city breaks.

Emma Ram, manager of the Barrhead Travel Isle of Wight store, said it was no surprise Cyprus topped the list for the Island’s favourite romantic getaway:

“Cyprus is one of the most romantic European destinations – with its blend of beaches, vineyards, ancient history and gorgeous boutique hotels, it’s the ideal destination for couples to jet off and reconnect with each other.

“As well as enjoying beach escapes to the likes of Dubai and Majorca, couples who have been booking in our store are also venturing further afield in search of adventure.

"From touring through South America to whale-watching onboard a cruise in Alaska, holidays play a key role in many relationships as people seek to create lasting memories together.”

Barrhead Travel Isle of Wight’s top five destinations for couples:

1. Cyprus

2. Lanzarote

3. Paris

4. Dubai

5. Majorca

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