ROBOTS, snakes in jars, men in white coats spinning bicycle wheels and, of course, wombat poo, were among the many wonderful things on offer at this year's Noel Turner Science Fair.

More than 2,000 Isle of Wight primary and secondary schoolchildren attended the fair at Cowes Enterprise College, with employers, colleges and science institutions bringing a whole range of exhibits to wow the kids.

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium took over the running of the festival this year and put on entertaining shows for students in the main hall.

At an evening reception last Thursday, meteorologist and Meridian TV weather presenter Holly Green told dignitaries including the IW Lord Lieutenant Susie Sheldon how she had followed a scientific path to get into her career and urged children, girls in particular, to break down barriers that science is dull.

The festival was founded in 2016 as the Noel Turner Physics Festival in memory of Island resident, Noel, who was a senior radar designer at BAE Systems in Cowes.

His widow, Ellen Weeks, told guests how Noel would have been delighted to see where the event had got to in just four years.

Among the other activities at the fair were a science,technology, engineering and maths (STEM) bridge-building challenge while the National Poo Museum attempted to put aside taboos to entertain young visitors.


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