WHEN a Ryde couple took a stroll along the beach, the last thing they expected to find washed ashore was a Second World War relic ­— especially one quite so macabre.

Emma Lofthouse and Shaun Bloomer were walking along Appley beach when they discovered a curious brass capsule among the pebbles ­— which they now believe is a Nazi cyanide capsule.

"There is still a clear liquid inside the container, in a glass ampoule. We thought it might be seawater, but it appears to be sealed shut," said Emma.

"We contacted the police and they came and had a look, but they didn't know what it was.

"They said they could either take it away and destroy it or we could keep it.

"We didn't want to throw it away ­— it's a part of history ­— but we're not really sure where to take it.

"Everyone we've shown it to has said they've never seen anything quite like it before.

"We've done a bit of research, and concluded it could be a Nazi cyanide capsule.

"There are no markings on the capsule, but I suppose they could have been worn away over time."

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