ORIGINS Theatre is gearing up for the premiere of a fast-moving, thought-provoking new play.

Penned by Island writer, Tilly Winford, the play ­— Underneath Reflections ­— tells the stories of people who have been given some of society’s labels, and finds out if it brings them together, or tears them apart.

Tilly has cerebral palsy, and knows, from experience, some of the difficulties people face.

This inspired her to write her play ­— to show the world that everyone has a situation to deal with, some more visible than others, and that we all deserve to be treated equally.

Tilly has performed in theatres for 14 years, exhibiting a passion for acting from the age of six.

“I decided to become an actress to show the world that just because someone has a disability, doesn't mean they are any different on the inside to anyone else," said Tilly.

She graduated in 2017 with a diploma in performing and production arts, and went on to make her first appearance onscreen last year as Pippa, in BBC2’s drama, Don’t Forget the Driver.

Kevin Wilson, founder of Origins Theatre, said: ‘Tilly is an inspiration, and fiercely determined. Not only has she written the play, she is also directing it.

"Underneath Reflections is a drama laced with poignant moments, and unashamedly shows the impact of the labels we stick on people.

"But it also shows what can be achieved when people support one another, and there’s a real message of hope.

“Origins was created to give people opportunities, and I am proud that this play features several Isle of Wight people of different ages who haven’t had many chances to get involved in drama."

Underneath Reflections is being performed at Quay Arts at 8pm on Saturday, February 22.