From Matthew Parr-Burman, executive headteacher and head of Carisbrooke College:

I HAVE always been very honest about how the school is progressing and being straightforward and to the point is one of my traits. So, if I am totally honest I have some mixed feelings about our latest Ofsted report (page 20).

Firstly, I think it is very accurate and the inspection team genuinely saw the school as it truly is.

I have not always had that feeling about Ofsted reports – but this one is definitely spot on.

I am frustrated we have not yet got to the Good rating that we all desire and, overall, we have remained as Requires Improvement.

For me this is not something I am at all happy with and I am even more determined that we continue to improve.

However, it is clear from the very first line of the report that we have improved in virtually every area and we are “knocking on the door of Good”.

The four judgements Ofsted make are incredibly broad and, while in 2017 I believe the school just scraped into Requires Improvement, it is clear from reading the 2019 report that we are very close to Good – but just not quite there yet.

This is also in the context of a tougher new inspection framework and rigorous scrutiny.

What I am most pleased about is that inspectors saw us as we are – we did not try to hide anything and students were honest about what they said.

I would urge everyone to please read the whole report rather than snippets and quotes. The narrative and tone of the report is overwhelmingly positive and this is reflective of our progress. We know exactly what we need to do to continue this progress and, although currently a little disappointed, we are all positive and ambitious for the future.

If anyone wishes to discuss the content of the report with me personally, please contact the school to make an appointment.

I am more than happy to go over this with anyone who wishes.