TOTLAND Pier Cafe will be closed for renovation works — but regulars need not worry, as a burger van will be parked outside to keep them well fed.

Managers Cath and Mike Dasent said they wanted to carry on serving their customers while the pier and cafe are rebuilt.

As reported, a planning application has been submitted to build a two-storey restaurant at the end of the pier.

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The work is due to start on Monday and and the cafe is expected to reopen at the end of May.

Cath said: "We can't wait for everything to get done and we're also hoping to look after our customers during the renovations.

"We have been offered the use of a burger van and, providing we can get the necessary permission, we plan to continue trading while the works are in progress.

"It means we can still catch up with our locals and I'm sure we will have lots of visitors coming to see how the building progresses.

"We have been in charge of the cafe since July 2017 and it's been a fantastic experience. We are really excited about the new plans, which look amazing."

Totland Pier now owns the cafe, and Charlie Kearns, speaking on behalf of the company, said: "It will be a two-storey build with an archway, including disabled access, leading onto the pier downstairs.

"There will be seating for about 20 downstairs and another 45-50 upstairs. Cath and Mike will continue to run the business, which will stay as a cafe, and will be open 12 months a year.

"We hope to have the cafe open around the end of May, or as soon as possible.

"The pier is now 75 per cent complete so it's an exciting time."

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