A FORMER drug addict, who was caught with two MDMA tablets, has appeared in court.

Keith Gallop, 35, of George Street, Ryde, admitted possession of a class A drug when he appeared before Isle of Wight magistrates on Friday.

The court heard he voluntarily disclosed the tablets were in his possession when police spoke to him on July 7.

Prosecutor Vivian Ducie said: "This matter was initially dealt with by police by way of a conditional caution.

"The reason he appears in front of the court today is that the condition of that caution was that he attend sessions at the Isle of Wight Drug and Alcohol Service — but failed to keep up his attendance."

Barry Arnett, defending, said: "He is an ex-drug addict. When he went to the sessions, he started to see all the people he had made great efforts to avoid in order to get clean.

"He is now entirely off drugs.

"The reason he showed those two tablets to the police was that he was hoping it would lead to him finding some kind of support."

Gallop was fined £40 and ordered to pay a surcharge of £32.

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