A PROPERTY has been evacuated as the condition of Belgrave Road in Ventnor has continued to deteriorate, with collapse now feared imminent.

The road had been closed after partially collapsing on Thursday — with the supporting wall at significant risk of failure.

As previously reported, the huge crack has further opened up in the Ventnor road, causing rubble to spill out underneath the wall. There are concerns material may spill out onto Esplanade Road below.

Engineers were called to the scene earlier this week, installing barriers to close the road.

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A spokesperson for Island Roads said: "In response to both continued movement of the wall and because people have entered the site over the weekend, we are today reinforcing the road closure by erecting steel fencing. This measure will also offer properties below some additional protection from falling debris.

"Island Roads staff remain on site to monitor developments. With the Isle of Wight Council, we will take whatever measures are necessary in the interests of public safety as the wall remains in danger of further collapse.

"As part of this safety-first approach, we have advised the council to make arrangements for the evacuation of an occupied property that could be affected.

"In the interest of safety, we would ask members of the public to respect the road closure in place.

"We will continue to keep the community informed of developments."

Residents who are concerned can contact Island Roads on 822440, or via email at info@islandroads.com.

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