ECO-CONSCIOUS Islanders are among the country's top recyclers.

In a new report published the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Isle of Wight was ranked 36 out of 345 local authorities — close to the top ten per cent.

The percentage of household waste sent for recycling or composting was 55.7 per cent in 2018/19, an improvement on 53.4 per cent the previous year.

Isle of Wight Council cabinet members for waste recycling management, Cllr Steve Hastings, said: “This is excellent news, and goes to show what a terrific commitment our residents are making to recycling initiatives throughout the Island. I’d like to say a big thank you.

"It is very much our aspiration to eventually take the Island right to the top of the table, as a national beacon for recycling, with zero non-essential waste going to landfill.

Natasha Dix, strategic manager for waste and environment, said: “These figures reflect the excellent ongoing initiatives in many areas by the council in partnership with its contractor Amey.

“A strong foundation has been the Island’s collection service and its efficient delivery, with the ongoing emphasis on maximising recycling and minimising waste.

“We have also conducted strong communications campaigns and provided clear information to help guide and encourage residents with their recycling.

“While we are delighted to be considerably ahead of the national average of 45.1 per cent, we remain determined and dedicated to achieve our goal of zero non-essential waste to landfill and fully maximising recycling.

“We also continue to need Islanders’ full support in reducing the amount of household waste per person, encouraging people to think more before they buy, and to ensure they recycle in the correct way.”