A YOUNG Isle of Wight man has been reported missing in Spain after he failed to turn up at his granddad's Malaga home.

Harry Stagg, 23, from East Cowes, was due to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve at his granddad's house — but he never made it.

As reported by the Olive Press, an English paper in Spain, his family have now issued an appeal to find him.

Harry set off without a mobile phone and is believed to have travelled through France until he met a friend, Kim Muca.

They visited the city of Bayona, but became separated once they crossed the border into Spain and had no way of contacting one another.

On November 29, Harry phoned home to the Isle of Wight from a police station in Huesca.

There was no answer, so he called Kim and arranged to meet him in Huesca.

Harry is described as pale, 6ft, 2ins tall, with dark brown hair in a ‘shaggy’ cut and dark brown/green eyes.

His aunt, Paula Morris, 49, told the Olive Press: “It was the first or second time Harry had left the Isle of Wight alone.”

The British expat has lived for 11 years in the Alora town of Malaga, where she was due to meet her nephew.

She said: “He was travelling, he was just doing what kids do. My dad said to him, ‘why don’t you come for Christmas in Alora?’

“He likes computers and things, he’s not really adventurous and and he’s probably the shyest of his family.

“But he is very polite and well-spoken.”

Since Harry has gone missing, his family have received a new bank card in the post on the Isle of Wight.

His mum has contacted police on the Island, who directed her to the British Embassy and advised she file a missing persons report in Spain.

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