HOW about this for a novel way to get around?

Scout Gregory and his graphic designer wife, Kayleigh, have launched the Isle of Wight Tuk Tuk Co ­— with the mini vehicles available for tours, taxis, weddings and events.

Scout, 26, said: "We came up with the idea when we went on holiday to Italy during the summer.

"We noticed they were everywhere and thought it would be a fantastic idea to offer this service on the Island.

"We found a company on the mainland who could import the vehicles over here from Italy and took on the project from there."

The Chale couple have launched several tours of the West Wight and have teamed up with The Cow Co restaurant at Tapnell Farm, offering couples a date night taxi service to and from the venue.

The couple have recently moved to the Island from the Cotswolds. Scout grew up in Newtown and said he couldn't wait to return to his roots.

"We loved coming on holiday here and jumped at the opportunity to move," said Scout.

"Now, in the long term, we hope to expand the company with a fleet of tuk tuks in various parts of the Island, giving local youngsters employment.

"We have had an overwhelming response to the business. People see it as a unique novelty factor when they see me driving around.

"Hopefully, it will bring more tourists over to try us out and visit different parts of the Island."

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