MORE than 100 rural postcodes have lost power on the Isle of Wight tonight.

Areas of Brighstone, Shorwell and Calbourne, plus other towns and villages across the central and West Wight, have lost supply.

SSEN is aiming to restore power by 12.30am on Sunday morning.

SSEN said: "We’re sorry for the loss of supply. We currently have a fault affecting the areas listed.

"Our engineers are on site working hard to get the power back on as quickly as they can.

"If you need more information, please call us on 105 or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity) and quote reference FX6056."

The power went off at 9.16pm.

Postcodes affected are: PO30 3AD, PO30 3EQ, PO30 3ER, PO30 3HW, PO30 3JD, PO30 3JE, PO30 3JF, PO30 3JG, PO30 3JH, PO30 3JJ, PO30 3JL, PO30 3JN, PO30 3JP, PO30 3JQ, PO30 3JR, PO30 3JS, PO30 3JT, PO30 3JU, PO30 3JW, PO30 3JX, PO30 3JY, PO30 3JZ, PO30 3LA, PO30 3LB, PO30 3LD, PO30 3LE, PO30 3LF, PO30 3LH, PO30 3LL, PO30 3LN, PO30 3LP, PO30 3LQ, PO30 3LR, PO30 3LS, PO30 3LT, PO30 3LU, PO30 3LW, PO30 3LX, PO30 4AA, PO30 4AB, PO30 4AD, PO30 4AE, PO30 4AF, PO30 4AG, PO30 4AH, PO30 4AJ, PO30 4AN, PO30 4AP, PO30 4AQ, PO30 4AR, PO30 4AS, PO30 4AT, PO30 4AU, PO30 4AW, PO30 4AX, PO30 4AY, PO30 4AZ, PO30 4BA, PO30 4BB, PO30 4BD, PO30 4BE, PO30 4BG, PO30 4BH, PO30 4BJ, PO30 4BL, PO30 4BP, PO30 4BQ, PO30 4BS, PO30 4BT, PO30 4BU, PO30 4BX, PO30 4DF, PO30 4DG, PO30 4DH, PO30 4DJ, PO30 4DL, PO30 4DN, PO30 4DP, PO30 4DR, PO30 4DU, PO30 4DX, PO30 4HH, PO30 4HJ, PO30 4JA, PO30 4JB, PO30 4JD, PO30 4JE, PO30 4JF, PO30 4JH, PO30 4JL, PO30 4JQ, PO30 4JR, PO30 4JS, PO30 4JZ, PO30 4LA, PO30 4PH, PO30 4PL, PO30 4PW, PO30 4QH, PO30 4QU, PO30 5BE, PO30 5FQ, PO30 5HS, PO33 2HT, PO33 2HW, PO33 4LU, PO33 4PE, PO33 4PF, PO33 4PL, PO41 0TZ.

UPDATE: Power has now been restored, hours earlier than expected.