FOR Jennifer and Peter Whittington, the once-amusing habits of their cat Gizzy and his five-digit discounts have started to become a problem.

Gizzy can't resist stealing any item that catches his eye and, as his crime spree continues, Jennifer said she was struggling to cope with the sheer quantity of goods burgled by her beloved pet — ranging from tea towels and teddy bears to silk scarves and knickers.

It's not catnip that's sent Gizzy spiralling into a world of petty crime, only a love for his Newport owners ­— a love so strong he believes he must shower them with gifts.

"He drops them on the floor, by the door, and makes a noise to let us know he's brought us a present," said Jennifer.

"We've moved house, from Laundry Lane to Lugley Street, and I thought by moving home he'd finally stop ­— but he hasn't, he's gotten worse."

The County Press originally reported on Gizzy's thieving ways back in 2018, after Jennifer set up a Facebook page to reunite people with their stolen goods.

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Gizzy's brother, Thomas, brings the family more traditional feline offerings, such as mice and birds, but Gizzy has a predilection for more homely presents.

"He's brought in silk scarves, hats, knickers, tights, purses, knitwear ­— a full make-up kit ­— I don't know how he does it," said Jennifer.

"How on earth did he manage to carry a make-up case?

"He took a pincushion from someone's home and then, an hour later, he came in with the cotton."

Gizzy was even spotted on CCTV at Island Stoves, after triggering the lights in the building. His haul that night included a pair of oven gloves and some flip flops.

Jennifer said: "The struggle is getting these things back to people. It started as a joke, but now it's getting out of hand.

"What can you do? The items he's taking are getting more and more valuable."

Jennifer has set up a new Facebook page ­— Gizzys page is back ­— in an attempt to return the ill-gotten gains to their rightful owners.

The cat leaves no calling card, short of a furball, to distinguish himself from the everyday criminal.

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