From Kerry Johnson:

Reading your recent article ‘NHS under fire by coroner’ (CP 20-12-19), I am thinking thank heavens the IW has a coroner who is on the ball and a local paper who is prepared to report such stories.

This story has all the hallmarks of very poor leadership in our hospital.

I fully appreciate our NHS is under pressure to move patients ASAP, but it needs to do so responsibly.

All that it takes to put this right is a firm directive from the CEO saying no patient is to be discharged without their discharge summary.

The current reality, which clearly plays fast and loose with patient safety, does not bode well with the national move towards integrating health with social care.

It is easy to see scenarios where things can go wrong, with events descending into a blame game between all the differing parties, hospital, care homes, GPs, etc.

The only people suffering of course will be patients, their families and loved ones.

It strikes me that perhaps we have the wrong kind of people at the top of our NHS.

When you look at delivering services efficiently and safely, day in, day out, then look no further than logistics, and how our food is prepared, transported and arrives seamlessly and safely on supermarket shelves reliably every day.

Perhaps senior executives with these kind of skill sets are required in an organisational capacity in our NHS?

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