STUDENTS at The Bay CE School have been rewarded for their exemplary work over the last school term.

One of the ways in which students are recognised for their efforts is through termly house celebration assemblies, where they receive certificates in a variety of categories, including individual subjects, participation in inter-house activities, and attendance.

During the last week of term in December, all students attended a house rewards assembly led by their house leader, and 3,345 certificates for subject nominations were given out.

During each house celebration assembly, six students were presented with a believe, inspire or excel award ­— selected by their house leader for demonstrating qualities that exemplify the school's ethos.

Teresa Westcott-Hayes, head of school, said: “It is always a high point of the term to be part of the assemblies where we celebrate the fantastic achievements of so many students.

"With such a large number of our students excelling in their studies and in their involvement with house activities, it was a great opportunity to reward and recognise their efforts and achievements."

RESULTS: Blue House, believe award: Scarlett Chafla-Wicks (KS3), Bethany Katirewa (KS4); inspire award: Halle Parker (KS3), Kayden Cantelo (KS4); excel award: Aaron Cooper (KS3), Ethan Walters (KS4); Red House, believe award: Tia Vale (KS3), Kallum Orchard (KS4); inspire award: Tilly Yardley (KS3), Aleesha Hurlstone (KS4); excel award: Harvey Woodward (KS3), Brennan Coe (KS4); Green House, believe award: Harvey Chambers (KS3), Frances Katirewa (KS4); inspire award: Owen Clarke (KS3), Lauren Clarke (KS4); excel award: Blake Poerscout-Edgerton (KS3), George Robinson (KS4); Yellow House, believe award: Rawah Aldakhoul (KS3), Jamie O’Neill (KS4); inspire award: Dexter Cotton (KS3), Megan Hodgkinson (KS4); excel award: Ellie Potts (KS3), Sarah Jukes (KS4).

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