EXCEPTIONAL circumstances saved a bricklayer from losing his licence, after he drove without insurance to pick up medication for his seriously ill partner.

Daniel Anderson, 43, of Linden Road, Newport, admitted driving without insurance or an MOT certificate when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court last Friday.

The court heard he had taken his partner's car — which he was not insured to drive — to the Asda pharmacy to buy medication, as she was seriously unwell with sepsis.

Barry Arnett, defending, said: "To his absolute horror, he found out he was uninsured on his partner's car.

"His partner had been in hospital suffering with sepsis and was in a great amount of pain, so he took her car to buy medication — and medication for their child, who was also unwell.

"He's responsible for driving four other men to jobs on the mainland. If he loses his licence and his job, all their jobs will be in danger."

Anderson said the car had originally belonged to him and he believed he was still insured to drive it.

He said: "My partner told me later she had changed the insurance as it was cheaper, but she must have forgotten to tell me."

Magistrates decided not to ban Anderson from driving due to the exceptional circumstances.

Presiding magistrate Peter Redding said: "A lot of people find themselves in this situation because they forget to do something.

"You dropped everything to help your partner, and banning you would have an unfair effect on the lives of people who had done nothing wrong."

Anderson was fined £346 and given six points on his licence.

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