A NEW interior designer store has opened in Cowes.

Wooldridge Interiors is run by mother and daughter duo, Wendy and Sabrina Wooldridge.

The new shop offers interior design services, as well as a wide array of products in-store, including home fragrances, furniture and accessories.

"We offer a bespoke service where we can help design numerous items for our clients," said daughter, Sabrina.

"We also provide clients with a free service in which we attempt to find them specific interior-related items based on the descriptions they give.

"After a continuing battle with various autoimmune diseases ­— including one particularly rare one ­— Wendy and I decided to open Wooldridge Interiors as a means of working in spite of our conditions."

Wendy, 60, was diagnosed with lupus in 1991, and afterwards a variety of autoimmune conditions including an underactive thyroid and Raynaud syndrome.

Sabrina, 25, was hospitalised in 2014 with meningitis, and following a visit to a rheumatologist in 2015, discovered she has coeliac disease.

"There's nothing more crippling than unfulfilled potential, and we refuse to let our conditions limit our success ­— though we are aware we must adapt around them," said Sabrina.

"Given our experiences, we feel it's important to speak openly about our conditions.

"Not all disabilities are visible, and we feel with more awareness raised, the more people can seek relevant help if they are suffering from these conditions, too.

"I feel blessed to have such an incredible mother and supportive friends.

"Our journeys have been difficult, but we strongly believe that with regards to the business, we're on the right track and we love it."

"It's been a really successful launch," said mum, Wendy.

"We're getting a lot of enquiries coming in.

"Our visitors' faces when they walk in are such a picture.

"We've wanted to open a shop for a while, we've just been waiting for the right premises.

"The town's been great to us ­— very supportive."

The store, at 75 High Street, Cowes, is open from 10am to 4.30pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.