THE boss of an Isle of Wight transport company has warned a Portsmouth clean air zone would hit the Island economy — and claimed 'no-one cares about the Isle of Wight.'

As reported, Portsmouth City Council plans to charge commercial vehicles such as taxis, lorries and coaches that do not have the latest efficient engines, £50 a day to enter part of the city.

Wightlink has also raised concerns about the plans.

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George Jenkins, of George Jenkins Transport, said: "The council has buried its head in the sand. No-one's worried about the Isle of Wight, no-one cares about the Isle of Wight. It's going to be a very desolate place in a minute.

"Fifty per cent of our vehicles are already compliant with Euro 6 ­— we upgraded them to go through Southampton before they decided to drop plans for their zone ­— and by 2022, we hope to have about 90 per cent compliant.

"The new zone isn't going to affect us. We'll still go through Portsmouth — we'll just add a £50 surcharge to the bill.

"It's the Island economy and tourism that's going to be hurt. There's not enough help from the council and the ferry companies are only in it for themselves.

"If the council cared so much, they'd take cyclists off the main roads ­— that causes more pollution than anything else. We end up queuing behind them, with traffic building up and polluting the air, and then we have to hammer our foots down on the accelerator to overtake them ­— again, causing further pollution.

"Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight Council need to sit down and have a serious discussion.

"There needs to be some sort of dispensation for the Island."