AN ISLAND resident has found five dead dolphins on the beaches in just a few weeks.

Joe Truman, of St Lawrence, found the bodies of the mammals on walks along the coastline before and after Christmas.

He has reported the findings to the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP).

County Press photographer Paul Blackley took a picture of one of the dolphins, along the high tide line at Compton, surrounded by plastic and other waste which has been washed ashore.

The others were found at Compton, Watershoot Bay and St Lawrence.

All five carcasses were of approximately the same size and Joe fears they were from the same pod, and could have been affected by the recent visit of supertrawler Margiris.

Dolphin carcasses should be reported to CSIP on 0800 652 0333 and HM Coastguard on 999.