A MAJOR drug dealer who was discovered with a gun, ammunition, cannabis, cocaine and heroin, has been jailed for more than eight years.

Robert Hughes, 32, denied possession of the firearm and live ammunition, and a trial took place at the Isle of Wight Crown Court during December. On December 18, the jury found him guilty.

Hughes was originally from Oldbury, in the Black Country, and was said to have been a key part in the supply of drugs between the West Midlands and the Island.

He was arrested on August 9, 2017, after police raided an address he was staying at in Freshwater.

The court heard how during the raid, police discovered a Glock handgun along with live ammunition.

The prosecution case was that the defendant was a major drug dealer and was in possession of the gun and ammunition for protection.

Hughes said he thought it was a power tool, which they said was nonsense. His DNA was found on the gun.

The defence case was that Hughes repudiated possession of the items and wanted nothing to do with them.

Recorder Richard Onslow reminded the jury that Hughes accepted he was a drug dealer but insisted he did not need the gun for protection 'as the Island was free from gang violence'.

On sentencing, Recorder Onslow gave Hughes a custodial sentence of eight years and four months.