EXPERIENCED Isle of Wight based musician, Jake Taylor, has released his debut EP ­— Ignorance is a Closed Mind.

Homing in on topical issues such as mental illness, and shining a spotlight on current injustices in the world ­— corruption, careless pollution and war ­— the five-track record leans toward an electronic/hip-hop vibe.

Performing under the pseudonym, Mind Simulations, Jake has been lucky to work with a number of talented artists on the release ­— the product of more than a year's hard work ­— including Clippa Sound and Joe Publik.

"They always totally understand my vision," said Jake.

"The inspiration for my music comes from my roots in rock and metal ­— groove, beautiful melodies, electronic sounds and a whole variety of elements.

"The subjects on the EP are issues I’ve felt passionate about for a long time now, so it's great to be able to express that through my music."

Born in Oxford, Jake moved to the Island when he was 11, and has been honing his skills with a drum set over the years, studying at Platform One College of Music.

"It's taken more than a year to get the EP all together, as I've been juggling it with gigs on cruise ships ­— it's been difficult, but I was determined to finish it," said Jake.

"My next plan is to make a live set out of the material ­— me with the sticks, and featuring special guests on vocals, so you’ll be able to catch a show real soon."

The EP is available on a series of platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.