FIVE older women have taken their Grade 3 exams in classical ballet, embracing the motto, 'live your life, forget your age.'

Lynne Maidment, Mel Crawford-Trotman, Trish Campbell, Carol McGillivray and Anna Hayward, aged between 55 and 74, performed at Northwood Village Hall, watched by an examiner from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

All are members of the Silver Swans — an RAD project spearheaded by television journalist and presenter Angela Rippon — and taught in Newport by teacher Suki Turner.

The project encourages fitness, balance and strength in later life through the joy of dance.

Lynne said: “I don't believe age should stop us doing anything. Although l know the result won't change my life, it was still daunting to face the examiner.

"I guess the desire to succeed never leaves you.”

Mel said: "I’ve been in severe pain since I was 28, but dancing is the one thing that keeps me going.

"Silver Swans has been a life saver for me in so many ways — being with a fabulous group of men and women, and an inspiring teacher who’s pushed us out of our comfort zone.

"It seems to be the one form of exercise I can manage, helping with posture, core strength and stretching.

"More importantly it provides us with fun and joy.”

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