A POLICE operation to target untaxed, uninsured, and unlicensed vehicles on the Isle of Wight resulted in several arrests on Thursday.

Police carried out a partnership operation to target untaxed and undocumented vehicles and drivers, involving police officers from the Isle of Wight’s joint armed response and roads policing team, mainland roads policing officers and Isle of Wight neighbourhood officers, in partnership with the DVLA.

Throughout the operation, police also carried out routine breath tests and drug wipe tests as part of the ongoing Operation Holly Christmas drink and drug drive campaign.

Following the day of enforcement, 13 vehicles were seized at the roadside by the DVLA, all of which had to be taxed immediately before being allowed to drive off.

Six penalty notices were issued for offences.

One driver was detained for drink driving, and was charged and bailed to the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court.

Four drivers were arrested on suspicion of being over a specified drug limit and have been released under investigation pending blood analysis.

A number of vehicles were also seized for uninsured or unlicensed use, along with penalty notices for road traffic offences.

Sgt Simon Morgan, of the Isle of Wight’s roads policing team, and acting Sgt Jason Taylor, of Ryde neighbourhood's policing team, said: “Despite the awful weather we are pleased this joint operation was successful and would like to thank our colleagues from the DVLA.

"There is a clear link between unlicensed, untaxed, and uninsured vehicles, and other forms of criminal activity or road safety.

"It’s clear the number of vehicles we identify, which do not have the correct credentials or paperwork, is decreasing each time we do this.

"That shows the positive outcome of operations like this.

“We will continue to work with DVLA and other partner agencies in the next year to continue to improve road safety and to target vehicles and people that should not be on the Island’s roads."

The vast majority of drivers provided negative tests.

Operation Holly continues.