CONSERVATIVE candidate Bob Seely has retained his seat as the Isle of Wight MP.

Following the General Election count at Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, it was announced in the early hours of this morning (Friday) that Mr Seely had won with 41,815 votes.

Richard Quigley (Labour) received 18,078 votes and Vix Lowthion (Green) 11,338 votes.

Carl Feeney (Independent Network) received 1,542 votes, Karl Love (Independent) 874 votes, and Daryll Pitcher (Independent Brexiteer) 795 votes.

Mr Seely said he was delighted to have increased his vote by five per cent and thanked Islanders for their support.

Take a look at our live blog for a recap of the night's coverage, and visit the County Press website later today (Friday) for more news and reaction.

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UPDATE Friday 10.45am: Bob Seely has increased his majority by 4.9 per cent. He took a 56.2 per cent share of the vote this time around with his 41,815 votes — compared with 38,190 votes and a 51.3 per cent share in 2017.

The Labour Party also increased its share of the vote, with 18,078 votes (24.3 per cent), compared with 17,121 (23 per cent) in 2017.

There was a drop in votes for the Green Party. Vix Lowthion received 11,338 votes (15.2 per cent), compared with 12,915 (17.3 per cent) in 2017.

All three Independent candidates — Carl Feeney (2.1 per cent of the vote), Karl Love (1.2 per cent) and Daryll Pitcher (1.1 per cent) — received less than five per cent of the vote and lost their deposit.

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