ON THE day of the General Election, another local by-election was held to elect an Isle of Wight councillor for the Newport West ward.

Newport West, with an electorate of 2,612, has elected Conservative Richard Hollis after former Cllr Chris Whitehouse resigned because he was moving off of the Island.

With a 65.69 per cent turnout — 30 per cent higher than the last local elections in 2017 — 1,716 people cast their vote — 843 more votes than 2017.

The full results are as follows:

Richard Hollis, Conservative, 605.

Maria Villa Vine, Labour, 408.

Joe Lever, Green, 361.

Nick Stuart, Liberal Democrat, 238.

Stephen Reynolds, Independent, 47.

Julian Harris, Independent, 36.

Cllr Hollis has previously been on the Isle of Wight Council, having represented the Parkhurst ward between 2009 and 2017, when he lost his seat to Lib Dem Cllr Andrew Garratt.

He said: "I am obviously delighted to be back on the council again — I feel like I have a lot to give so long may it continue.

Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart: "The win in Newport West is excellent for me because it reaffirms our view that the Island is benefitting from what we are doing as the Conservative administration.

"I am very pleased to have Richard Hollis on board — he will be very good for the ward and another one to the team so it is really good news.

"It is good Newport West can feel represented by Richard. He is a well-seasoned campaigner and I am sure he will do as much good for his ward as he will the council as a whole."

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