BLUE badges issued by the Isle of Wight Council have already had the EU stars removed — before we Brexit.

A County Press reader sent in a photo of his new badge, alongside his old one.

He said: "Spot the difference. No stars of European member state. On the back of the old one, it says the holder is entitled to special parking facilities across the EU. That will no longer apply."

Although issued by the council, the move to remove the EU emblem was made by the government.

All British disabled drivers’ parking badges will no longer feature the familiar EU stars.

The Department for Transport has refused to say when it removed the stars, who took the decision or why it was deemed appropriate.

The DfT said it was barred from disclosing such details because it would breach purdah rules that prevent civil servants from releasing any information that could influence the general election.

Blue badge holders are worried it means the badge will no longer be valid for holidays in Europe.

At present, the badges are still valid in Europe, but there is no clarification as yet, on what will happen if Brexit goes through.

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