VOTERS are heading to the polls today (Thursday) for the 2019 General Election.

The County Press will be running live coverage throughout the night from the count at Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, bringing you live results as they come in, pictures, video and national updates.

You can follow our online blog, which will go live on the website later tonight.

There are six candidates standing on the Isle of Wight — Carl Feeney (Independent Network), Karl Love (Independent), Vix Lowthion (Green Party), Daryll Pitcher (Independent Brexiteer), Richard Quigley (Labour) and Bob Seely (Conservative).

You can see what they have to say on key issues affecting the Isle of Wight here.

For further news about the candidates and their campaigns, visit the General Election section of our website here.

Mr Seely is standing for re-election. He won the 2017 election with 38,190 votes, followed by Julian Critchley (Labour), with 17,121 votes, and Ms Lowthion, with 12,915 votes.

Details of your nearest polling station can be found here.

Some polling stations have been changed for the General Election. You can find the details of those changes here.

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