ISLANDERS will now be able to hail a taxi from an app, as a new ride-hailing service is launched.

Go Taxi is a new app offering an 'Uber style' service connecting users with local drivers.

The company has confirmed that drivers have already signed on to use the service and customers will be able to specify if they want a male or female driver.

Business owner Mark Stafford said: "In this age of increasing technology we all want an easier, safer and more secure method to book a taxi.

"Go Taxi is an Uber-style service covering the Isle of Wight solely through an app.

"We want to know who the driver is, what the registration of the car is and when it will arrive.

"Why have somebody answer all the calls when you can have an app directly devoted to booking a taxi, rather than calling three or four times to get through to somebody.

"We hope Go Taxi will have around 100 drivers, who will pay a small booking fee for each fare they take rather than a percentage of payment.

"The feedback has been very positive, all the taxi drivers we have spoken to have all said they are in."

The app is available for iOS and Android users and can be found by scanning the QR code above.