LABOUR'S Richard Quigley has welcomed the support of Jean Bartrum, who masterminded the Green 2017 campaign as agent, but has switched her support to red.

Ms Bartrum had served as a member of the Green Party executive, and as a Green Party parish councillor.

Writing for herself and her partner, Roger, another 2017 Green activist, Ms Bartrum said: "We are voting Labour because we want to Save the NHS and we feel the Labour Party has prioritised the climate emergency with the Green New Deal.

"Regarding Brexit, we feel it is the most sensible and well thought-out policy of all the parties. It doesn't marginalise anyone.

"We have voted Green in the past, but voting Labour to get the Tories out is the most sensible option after they came second in the last election.

"Richard is a local man who works hard in the community and has lots of people-based experience as well as business.

"His heart is in this, and we feel confident he is what the Island needs as our MP."

Mr Quigley said: "I'm delighted to welcome Jean's support. She has been active in Island politics for some time, and her endorsement is particularly important given the context of her role at the heart of the Green campaign in 2017.

"What she is saying has been echoed by many other people I've spoken to who voted Green in 2017, but this time have pledged their votes to Labour.

"In many ways it's a testament to the success of Green activists such as Jean that Labour has enthusiastically adopted the Green New Deal developed by Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis.

"I urge other Green supporters on the Island to follow Jean's example. The 2017 General Election showed Labour's support on the Island was much greater than any other non-Tory party."

Ms Bartrum hit the headlines a year ago, when she came under fire for making allegedly transphobic comments on social media while discussing the government's consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.

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