VANDALS who shocked the Isle of Wight by damaging the baubles on Ryde's Christmas tree have apologised for their actions.

Police announced the incident had been resolved with a community resolution, and asked that threats towards the two women now stop.

A police spokesperson said: "We can confirm the incident involving the Network Ryde and Ryde Town Council Christmas tree which was damaged at the beginning of the week has now been resolved.

"Here is a letter of apology from one of the individuals.

"They have already been named on social media and have now been officially dealt with by way of community resolution.

"They have conditions to write letters of apology and make a financial donation to Network Ryde.

"Further to this, we have been made aware of various threats being made which now need to stop."

One of the women said: "To Ryde Community and the children. I would like to write this letter of apology to say sorry for my very mindless vile actions after I caused so much upset and stress to a lot of people.

"I understand why everyone is so upset and angry. I will do everything I can to make things right for my vile actions.

"I will be making a donation to the cafe and replacing baubles.

"I know it's not the same as the time and effort that the children put, it can't be replaced.

"I am truly sorry for what I have done. I will happily volunteer to help out in a local place until I can make up for my spineless actions. I'm truly sorry.

"I will also give a box of sweets/chocolate to the school where the children go.

"I know it's not going to put everything right but I will continue to make things right.

"I feel very ashamed of my actions and I know a letter, donations and stuff isn't the answer to this but I'm not sure what to do as I've never acted so mindless.

"I'm truly sorry for what I've done. I hope I can be forgiven."

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