ISLAND Labour party members trekked from Ryde to Newport town centre in a bid to raise support yesterday (Saturday) ahead of the general election.

Starting in Ryde at 11am and ending in Newport at 3pm, the marchers took flags signs and banners as they made their way across the Island.

Labour parliamentary candidate for the Island, Richard Quigley, said: "It's been a terrific day. Asking people to walk seven miles in the cold meant we weren't sure how many would be willing to repeat the event which was so inspiring in the 2017 election. In the end, we had even more people turn up in Ryde this morning to set off on the walk.

"Our youngest participant was under ten, our oldest over 70. There were new faces and old faces, members and supporters. It was truly inspiring to be part of that parade of red which marched between our Island's two largest towns."

"The reception from passing traffic was tremendous, with plenty of encouraging beeps and thumbs-up.

"People smiled when they saw us, because they know we're here trying our best to change this Island, and this country, for the better."