A DRIVER admitted to police he had a fake licence plate on his car.

Cameron Baker, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of driving without due care and attention and another count of fraudulently altering the registration on his car, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on November 29.

Baker, of Station Avenue, Sandown, also admitted driving without insurance and without a licence.

On October 29, unmarked police on Blackwater Road began following a vehicle that had overtaken them at speed.

Prosecutor, Vivian Ducie, said: "At around 11pm the police began following the vehicle as it drove towards Arreton.

"It overtook three other cars in a 30mph zone and was seen to pass over a crossroads without stopping.

"Later on the police found the vehicle parked on the roadside with the lights switched off.

"As police approached the driver to speak to him, he told the officers 'the car is on cloned plates.'

"The police discovered the original plate belonged to a woman in Lymington who drives the same make and model car, but has absolutely no connection to him."

Baker's defence, Barry Arnett, said: "Its important to note these plates were not stolen.

"The defendant quickly admitted to the police the plates were clones, and he showed the police the vehicle had not in any sense been stolen.

"He says as he is responsible for seeing his daughter three times a week, he was unable to keep up with the insurance on the car.

"The police who took the car away then and there for not having any insurance."

Sentencing was adjourned to December 20.

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