ISLE of Wight Conservative parliamentary candidate, Bob Seely, has said actions — not words — are what are needed to tackle climate change.

Speaking after a climate change hustings at Cowes Enterprise College on Friday, Mr Seely said only the Conservatives would create the economic stability required to allow a determined, planned and sustainable campaign to make the UK carbon neutral.

He criticised Labour and Greens as being unable and unwilling, in practice, to make progress to look after the environment better.

“If we want a green future, we need to vote blue,” he said.

“Tackling climate change is a matter of critical importance to this country and involves difficult choices. Positive action is required.

“We will not be able to tackle climate change with a shrinking economy, and it’s quite clear that Labour’s ruinous plans for the economy would threaten to block progress."

Mr Seely said the Green Party sought to position itself as the party of the environment, but it's not a claim backed up by actions.

He said: "The Greens need to be much more honest with us. One third of the world’s carbon-free energy comes from nuclear power.

"In Europe, European and German Greens have forced the German government to phase out nuclear power ahead of phasing out coal, with highly damaging consequences.

"Because of that bad decision, Germany is now polluting more, not less.

“The UN’s inter-governmental panel on climate change says nuclear is vital to our future if we are to control climate change.

"The Greens are putting their ideology before climate change.

“When the Greens ran Brighton from 2011 to 2015, recycling rates collapsed due to the incompetence of their leadership of the city council.

"Brighton ranked 302 out of 324 local authorities in recycling.

"On the Isle of Wight, we are – under the Conservatives – an environmental leader in recycling.

“A serious plan to reduce our carbon footprint is what is required, and it is the Conservative Party that has these credible plans, which are underpinned by a strong economy.”

Mr Seely said Conservatives pledges to tackle climate change had been outlined in the Queen’s Speech, which included establishing a new Office for Environmental Protection.

Citing the Isle of Wight Council’s new recycling plant, coupled with the expertise in the private sector through companies such as Vestas, Mr Seely said the IW Council will be at the forefront of a Conservative pledge to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050.

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