Five candidates bidding to be the next MP for the Isle of Wight appealed to the next generation at the Youth Hustings on Wednesday.

Conservative candidate Bob Seely, The Green Party's Vix Lowthion, Labour's Richard Quigley, Independent Network candidate Carl Feeney and independent candidate Karl Love debated at the Bay CE School in Sandown.

Independent Brexiteer candidate, Daryll Pitcher, was unable to attend.

Mr Feeney opened the debate by calling for a fixed link, which would see the Island linked by a stretch of tunnel to the mainland, after one student asked if it was a viable option.

Mr Seely responded: "If, culturally, the Island wanted a fixed link then obviously we would campaign for one, but there will never be a couple of billion pounds spare to fund it.

"Right now we need to focus on what is achievable now and focus on providing better quality services now."

Mr Quigley suggested the real issue was ferry prices.

Mr Seely took the chance to bring up the funding for Island Line and his potential Island Deal.

He said: "We have managed to get £26 million for Island Line. The line hasn't had any kind of investment in 20 years so I am very happy about this.

"My Island Deal calls for the Isle of Wight to receive about £20 million a year extra by having it recognised as an Island, and not a part of Hampshire."

Ms Lowthion responded: "Every time Bob talks about his Island Deal I have to look at the colour of his rosette, as since 2010 the Tories have made £50 billion in cuts to local authorities."

Mr Love joined in, and said: "An Island settlement of some sort has been debated for years and we are facing further millions in cuts. We are special because we are an Island and we need a sensible settlement now."

Mr Quigley added: "Bob has voted twice for cuts to local authorities.

"Around here you can pin a blue rosette on a clothes peg and it will get voted in if we aren't careful."