ISLE of Wight Conservative candidate Bob Seely asked Labour's Richard Quigley to clarify his position on Brexit ahead of the General Election — he replied his party would negotiate a better deal and put it to a second referendum.

In a letter to Mr Quigley, Mr Seely said the Island vote was a choice between Labour and the Conservatives, and the electorate deserved to know where the candidates stood.

Mr Seely, who repeated his party's 'Get Brexit Done' message and pledged to support Boris Johnson's deal, said: "I note Jeremy Corbyn has declared he will take no position on Brexit and remain 'neutral.' This means he would hold a second referendum in which he was not even willing

to back an arrangement that he had negotiated."

He asked if Mr Quigley would support a second referendum and, if one were held, if he would campaign for Remain.

In response, Mr Quigley said: "We believe the withdrawal agreement Boris Johnson agreed is a terrible one for the country. A Labour government would negotiate a better deal.

"We would accomplish this within three months, and then within six months, we would put this deal to the British people in a referendum at which they could decide to leave with that deal, or remain within the EU.

"I personally would prefer to remain within the EU and seek to reform it. Nevertheless, I fully support the right of the British people to choose, and if they choose to vote to leave with the best deal a Labour government can negotiate, then so be it."

UPDATE: Following the exchange, Green Party candidate Vix Lowthion published her own letter, saying it was untrue the Island battle was between Labour and the Tories.

Addressing Mr Seely and Mr Quigley, she said: “It is a real concern you would have the electorate believe there is only one choice for the next Island MP — and that is from the two old parties, slugging it out, tit for tat.

“Your letters were focused on your respective Brexit policies, when both are lacking and weak. The EU is the greatest peace project ever devised. A Green MP would trust the people to have the final decision on Boris’ Brexit deal in a public vote.”

“Please do not under-estimate Islanders. We have a real opportunity to vote for a bold, determined and positive future.”

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