From Thomas Munro, London:

Last year I suggested the Island could really benefit from having a commercial airport; the need now is greater than ever.

The ferries seem to be getting daily more unreliable, with ever increasing numbers of cancellations and delays.

What can you do if you still need to get off the Island urgently? Maybe a ferry will still be running somewhere but you’ve got to get to it so you would still be delayed by an hour at least. However, by this time you may well have missed that funeral, flight, business meeting etc, due to no alternative options.

To make matters worse for people getting to and from the Island, South Western Railway are on strike again for practically all of December; yet another reason why alternative options to get to and from the Island are desperately needed.

If there were flights there would at least potentially be another option that many people would prefer as it would be much quicker and often cheaper to get to their final destination.

This past year the Channel Islands have launched new routes to Liverpool, Manchester, Newquay, Bristol, Newcastle, London and more. The flights are occasionally £28 return to most of these destinations but are regularly only about £60 return.

It would be worth trying just a few flights a day to Heathrow and / or Gatwick for a year or two to see if it is viable? Indeed, the government may well fund this under their PSO (public service obligations). Newquay, Derry and Dundee are recent examples of recipients of this funding.

A feasibility study at Bembridge Airport is needed before any progress can be made. This they have agreed to co-operate with. Solent LEP have indicated it may be able to assist with funding for the airport expansion itself.

I do hope our next MP will make this project a priority as I truly believe it will benefit the Island in so many ways.

If you agree please contact me in the following


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