CALBOURNE Classics celebrated national cake day by serving sweet treats to nurses, patients, families, carers and visitors at Mountbatten's John Cheverton Centre, in return for a donation to the hospice.

Louise Hart and Jenny Simmons stopped by the Newport charity on Tuesday with more than 50 cakes.

In an ongoing project, Calbourne Classics will also be providing tea and cake at a new mental health centre in Newport.

The Isorropia Foundation will now offer patients tea and cake as they attend courses and activities to get their lives back on track.

Louise and Jenny said: "Having had a challenging few years, we both wanted to put something back into the community and the hospice helped us hugely in the recent loss of our parents.

"Following personal traumas, we also appreciate the value of a good mental health support system on the Island and the stories we are hearing about the work Isorropia is doing are nothing short of magical and life-changing for many Island families."

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