AFTER a plea in the County Press for people to attend the funeral service of a man who died without any family and few friends, the Isle of Wight Crematorium had a full house.

David Mann, 53, of Shanklin, was given a special send-off last Friday, when people who knew of him turned up to pay their respects, and complete strangers went along to make sure the service wasn't empty of people.

David's friend, Pat Knight, had put a notice in the paper, which the County Press followed up with an online article, asking people to go along.

Pat said: "I didn't really think that anyone would come, but they did. "I would like to let them all know how much that meant to me and how much David would have appreciated it.

"I never realised so many people knew David and it was lovely to talk to them all and share stories about him.

"I know some of them didn't even know David and came because they wanted to show that they care and that's something that seems sadly lacking in our society today, but I was overwhelmed by their support and for turning a day I was dreading because I thought I would be on my own, into a day I will never forget.

"David would have been amazed to see so many people at his funeral and that so many made the effort.

"I would especially like to mention the two lovely women who sat with me. They didn't know David or me but showed me kindness and support when I really needed it. I hope they both realise how much that was appreciated.

"Don't leave it too late to tell someone how much they mean to you, like I did. Tell them today, while you have the chance, not tomorrow, which may never come."

David came to the Island at the age of about six, with his father, who later died.

After that, life was difficult for David and he was homeless for a while, sleeping in the shelter at Ryde canoe lake.

A charity found him a flat in Shanklin in 2002 and he worked doing two paper rounds for Glyn Morgan Newsagents. In 2016 he had to give up his job due to ill health.

He loved Manchester City Football Club, having a bet, Elvis and 50's and 60's music and sitcoms.

Maldwyn Morgan, of Glyn Morgan Newsagents, said: "David would be thrilled to know he was featured in the County Press, as he took great pride in delivering the County Press for several years."

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