CARERS who look after elderly and disabled Islanders in their homes have been recognised for their dedication and commitment.

Carewatch Isle of Wight's Carer Awards were held at the company's Newport office, where prizes were presented to staff who had been nominated by the people they care for and their relatives.

Emma Holdcroft, who cares for a man named Paul, was given the empathy award.

Paul's daughter, Maria, said: "Emma is happy, positive and efficient. She demonstrates enormous empathy and is good at picking up problems.”

Kathy Bunting received the commendable carer award for her work with Sylvia.

Sylvia's son, Phillip, said: "She works towards giving the best possible care to my mother and it means a lot. She really does care.

"It's commendable, it is a tough job to do."

Joanne Wickham won the thoughtful carer award. She was nominated by Dennis, who said: "There is one particular instance that stands out in my mind, when she went on holiday to Rome and visited the Circus Maximus.

"I had mentioned the place to her, and she videoed it on her telephone for me.

"She showed it me and it was lovely. It made my day.”

Amy Winsor won the compassion award. She was nominated by Rae, who said: "She takes me out for two hours and really looks after me. I enjoy it and I come back happy.”

Brahim Mootaz, also nominated by Rae, won the award for best coordinator.

Rae said: "Taz is smashing and easy to talk to.”

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