BRITISH singer, songwriter and activist Billy Bragg has urged the people of the Isle of Wight to vote Labour.

Island Labour has shared a video of Bragg, lending them his support.

In 2017, the singer was part of a group that advocated tactical voting, including voting Green on the Island.

Richard Quigley said: "Billy Bragg is a legend. He made an honest mistake in 2017, along with a lot of people, who were led to believe Labour wouldn't be the main challengers to the Tories here.

"However, after the election results clearly showed Labour are the only alternative to the Tories on the Island, he contacted us and offered to help make sure that this time round, everyone knows that only Labour can unseat the Tories here.

"He agreed he owed us for his honest mistake, and this is the result. No mistakes this time."

Watch the minute-long video, below.