THE Isle of Wight Cavy Club held its latest show at Lanesend Primary School in Cowes — with almost 100 guinea pigs on display.

Caroline Jones won the best adult exhibitor and best self categories, Hannah-Mary Tostevin won the best pet prizes and the juvenile awards went to Evie Kent-Bushell and Sam Booth.

Speaking about his experience showing cavies, exhibitor Seth Tostevin said: “It started for me two years ago when I dislocated my knee and suffered depression. I initially got three guinea pigs and, within two years, that number has risen to 52.

“It took a couple of months for my mood to lift, but they made me feel a lot happier, and even difficult days are improved by having them around.”

Artist and author Caroline Whittle exhibited a range of compositions from her Guinea Pigs Out of the Hutch collection on the day, including her children’s book The Flying Carpet.

Speaking about a painting that provided the centrepiece for her collection, she said: “A couple approached me wanting a painting of all 33 guinea pigs they had rescued, along with their two rabbits and a dog in an autumnal setting.

"It took three months to complete because of the scale of it. I didn’t paint for the rest of the year as it wore me out. It’s part of a range of guinea pig related works I’ve had the pleasure of creating, and I always enjoy being a part of these shows.”

Club chair Neil Smith said: “It was great to see new faces attending our show and exhibiting as well as the regulars. We were pleased to have mainland exhibitors and hope to see more new faces next year to enable the club to continue growing.”

The cub's next show will be held on February 8.


Best adult exhibitor — Caroline Jones; best self — Caroline Jones; best coated — Cotopaxi Cavies; best marked and ticked — Amethyst Stud; best guide standard — Springville Stud; best pet and super pet — Hannah-Mary Tostevin; best juvenile pet — Evie Kent-Bushell; best juvenile purebred — Sam Booth.

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