ALMOST 2,000 vulnerable people, living on low incomes and struggling to heat their homes, were helped last year by the Footprint Trust.

The figure was revealed at the Isle of Wight charity's AGM, following outreach events and home visits throughout the year.

It was also reported the trust had helped people save more than £100,000 on their fuel bills and reduced CO2 emissions by 500 tonnes.

Staff were praised for making a real impact in reducing fuel poverty on the Island and helping to cut carbon emissions, an essential element in tackling climate change, and for their involvement in a number of nature conservation projects.

They were also commended for their fundraising achievements, despite the declining availability of suitable grants.

Founded in 2002 to promote sustainable living, the trust works with veteran charities, family centres, social services, health visitors, carers, social and private landlords, Foodbanks, churches and schools.

Over the next ten years, it hopes to reduce the Island's ecological footprint by 50 per cent.

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