FIREFIGHTERS rescued a cat from a Gunville roof today (Friday) — to the cheers of residents who had gathered to watch.

An Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said the RSPCA called the fire service to rescue the cat from a house at Ash Lane, at around 12.30pm.

One crew from Newport was sent to the scene.

Bill Moore, who shared these photos, said the cat — called Dash — has been stuck on the roof for more than a day.

He said: "A friend tried to get him down without success, then the fire brigade arrived.

"Of course, being a cat, as soon as they put a ladder up, Dash moved down the other end of the roof. So they used a hose to spray the end of the roof, forcing him down towards the firefighters.

"There were cheers from the locals as he was returned to his relieved owners."

A video of the rescue was shared by Maria Young, who was visiting her parents.

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