A MORRISONS customer had a lucky escape today (Tuesday) when part of the ceiling at the Lake store collapsed due to a burst pipe — and hot water poured through.

The incident happened in the cafe, which was closed while staff dealt with the issue.

One shopper told the County Press: "We were having breakfast and there was an elderly gentleman sat at the back of the dining area.

"It started as a trickle, with water dripping on him, so he moved away.

"All of a sudden we heard this almighty crash — the ceiling had come down, right where he was sitting.

"Fortunately, he managed to jump out of the way. People rushed over to help him out.

"The water was obviously hot, there was steam visibly coming off it.

"The staff at the cafe got everyone out.

"It literally came from nowhere."

The man was given a new coat, £20 voucher and the company paid for his shopping.

Earlier in the year Morrisons in Lake suffered a similar incident when water fell from the ceiling onto shoppers.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We have given the customer a new coat, paid for his full shop and given him some Morrisons vouchers.

"We're sorry we had a burst pipe and for the inconvenience this caused."