MORE than 60 people attended the Isle of Wight Green Party's General Election campaign launch, including deputy party leader Amelia Womack.

Party activists and members of the public gathered in Cowes to support candidate Vix Lowthion's bid to become the Green Party's second MP alongside Brighton's Caroline Lucas.

The Green vote on the Isle of Wight in 2017 was the second highest in the UK, and has been targeted as a key seat for the party in next month's election.

Ms Womack said: “Caroline Lucas has been alone in Westminster for too long — but no longer.

"A Green vote on the Isle of Wight is the most powerful vote you can have to create real and lasting change.”

As the Island's MP, Ms Lowthion said the party would invest in schools and St Mary's Hospital, tackle the climate emergency and bring 'the Brexit shambles' to an end.

She said: “The United Nations scientists are clear — we have ten years left to save the planet.

"This General Election isn’t just about the Brexit crisis of the next five months, but also meaningful action on the climate crisis for the next five years.

"Without Green MPs in parliament, this action will not go far enough.

"The Isle of Wight gives the climate movement a rare opportunity to get more Greens elected to Westminster, and we are going to work for that chance.”