CONSERVATIVE General Election candidate Bob Seely has launched his re-election campaign with a pledge to 'get Brexit done.'

Speaking at the launch yesterday (Sunday), at Shanklin Conservative Club, Mr Seely described next month's election was the most important in a generation and said it was a clear choice between the Tories and Labour.

He said: "The reaction I have had on the doorsteps over recent months is clear — we need to get Brexit done and then deliver on the public’s priorities — health, education, the environment and the police.

"Another hung parliament. or Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, means more Brexit uncertainty — in fact, it may mean no Brexit.

"This election is a two-horse race between Conservatives under Boris Johnson and Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. It’s a choice between getting Brexit done and delivering for both Britain and the Island — or a Labour Party led by a man who is not fit to lead the country."

He told supporters the Isle of Wight needed a strong voice in parliament and said he had helped secure a number of achievements — including £48 million for the NHS, £26 million for Island Line and commitment from Boris Johnson to deliver and Island Deal, with fair funding for Island services.

If he was re-elected as the Isle of Wight MP, Mr Seely said he would focus on housing, protecting the Island's environment, improving public services, integrating health and social care and improving local job prospects.

Nationally, he said a Conservative government needed to deliver on its promises — increasing the number of police officers, increasing NHS spending and introducing an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

Mr Seely said: "Prior to 2017, the Island had sometimes struggled to make its voice heard.

"I wanted to change that and to ensure the Island has a much higher profile. I said I wanted to change things and I have.

"I believe we are all stronger when we work together. I remain committed to doing so."