CHARTER House in Newport will provide the setting for an evening of self-reflection this Sunday as part of a new initiative from popular bar and eatery NOMAD.

The recently rebranded enterprise is hosting a group meditation at 5pm on Sunday, November 17. The session will be led by Will Treend, a Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher with more than 20 years of experience.

He said: "TM allows us to reach the state of least excitation for mind and body.

"Unlike mindfulness, which is concerned with trying to calm the surface value — the mind working on the mind, so still in action mode — TM allows the brain to go into an idling mode, taking a blissful and rejuvenating mental bath that results in deep rest."

Meditators of any experience level are welcome to join the session, as well as those who have never meditated and are interested in finding a little more peace in their lives. The day will include a mind settling technique, meditation practice, discussion and short videos.

NOMAD owner, Ryan Burr, said: "TM is something very important in my life, and as well as welcoming guests to the event, we are offering our staff the chance to learn.

“The hospitality industry is a notoriously tough game, synonymous with long hours and high pressure. Meditation can help people to stay mentally focused, and to handle stress more efficiently.

“I have found myself to be less affected by everyday tensions and anxieties through practicing TM — it’s given me a readily accessible tool to use in times of stress.”

The event is free to attend, with donations welcomed.

For further information and to secure your place for the first NOMAD Transcendental Meditation session, email Will at, or phone the venue on 532444.

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