WELL, there’s a lot to look forward to in December chaps.

Christmas cards and polling cards, Christmas catalogues and manifestos, door knocking carol singers and political campaigners, nativity plays and hustings, Christmas parties, and joy to all with Christmas party politics. Hurrah!

Add to this the heart-rending advertising from charities about the homeless, the NHS, the poor, the abused, the lonely, vulnerable and elderly, and heart-string-pulling politic broadcasts made by earnest suits with tears in their eyes as they beg us to believe them when they tell us how they truly care about the homeless, the NHS and the poor.

So, not only do we have to endure the cold, wet, wind and general misery of a British winter, we also have to deal with a government that has descended into a Shakespeare comedy.

Except, unlike Shakespeare comedies that at least the contemporaries of the day thought were funny and satirical, we have a farce being played out for real and people are suffering and frightened.

I’m not finding any of this funny.

And the only answer is for people to believe their vote will make a difference.

Registering to vote and casting it is the one thing we can all do.

I can’t be the only one who was surprised at how brilliant the turnout for Brexit (sorry) was, and how much difference that made. Whether you were for or against it, the fact so many voted made that difference.

In these dark and dismal months, I reckon a top tip is to register for a postal vote.

That way, if it’s a bleak, horrible day, no-one has to pitch up at the polling station.

Bus delays, gridlocked traffic, parking, flu, Auntie Ethel visiting, wind, rain and snow won’t matter a bit, as your vote is already winging it’s merry way to be counted.

The media say the winter darkness and weather will discourage people from voting.

Not true, we are made of sterner stuff. The highest turnout for any post war election was in February 1950.

Apparently, one in five people vote by post already.

It’s an unbelievably easy process and very much more convenient for everyone. Except perhaps the posties.

They will be the ones bearing the brunt of Christmas and an election as they deliver all the bumf associated with both, in the cold, wind, rain and dark.

I reckon they’ll all deserve a decent tip and a nip of brandy this year.

Let’s hope we get to eat the turkey, rather than be the turkey this year, and all get stuffed in the best possible way.

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